The Agrarian Group

Agricultural Technologies for a Growing Planet



The Agrarian Group was started as an answer to a question - How will we feed the projected 9.1 Billion people that will reside on earth in 2050? To achieve this, we need to increase our already stressed agricultural production by 70%. How do we grow better?

The Problem

No question of this gravity is that simple. As a species, we face the most complex and deadly problems we have ever encountered. Erratic weather events caused by climate change destroy crop yields each year. Pesticides have ruined our soil and water scarcity has become a national security issue. 70% of food cost is linked to fossil fuels, and prices are only expected to rise. The average food item travels 1500 miles to reach it's destination. However, despite everything we do, 40% of all food in the United States is thrown away post-harvest. 


Reduce Water Usage 

Reduce Need for Foreign Oil

Increase Food Saftey

Create Local Food Systems

Increase Nutritional Value of Food

Benefit Local Communities

Economic Viability

Reduce Need for Pesticides

Increase Food Security



The Agrarian Group specializes in Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA). By controlling as many variables as possible through technology, automation, energy efficiency, and sustainable design, The Agrarian Group is able to provide end to end solutions for customers looking to grow premium quality produce. Through The Agrarian Group's CEA integrated systems and services allow for significant increases in yield and quality, at very low resource intensities. 



Less Water Used


Increase in Grow times


Output Ratio per sq. ft. Compared to Traditional Agriculture


Dependance on Soil Conditions


Reduction of Food Miles Possible


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